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One Southwire Drive
Carrollton, GA  30119
United States
Phone: 770-832-4448
Fax: 770-832-4616

Southwire® brings you SIMpull Solutions® & Maxis™ Tools.
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A leader in technology and innovation, Southwire® has introduced groundbreaking products using patented NoLube® SIM Technology®. This includes SIMpull THHN®, SIMpull XHHW-2® and SIMpull® Power cables. Southwire also introduces SIMpull Solutions® -- a combination of products and services that change the way you install building wire. From SIMpull® cables and SIMpull Head® pulling grips to the SIMpull Stack™ reel and SIMpull™ Truck, we can help make your job safer and easier.  And now, there's the new SIMpull WireBARREL™ Circuit Barrellel™ System -- circuit-sized SIMpull THHN® cable that is paralleled and coiled into a barrel for safer, easier and more productive homerun pulls.  Southwire has also invented MCAP® and HCF MCAP® cables and Mega MC™ feeder cable. Southwire products, including Maxis™ tools, AIW™ cord brand products and Tappan™ wire and cable provide contractors more choices.

SIMpull Solutions™; SIMpull THHN®, SIMpull XHHW-2® and SIMpull® Power cables; SIMpull Head® pulling grips; SIMpull Stack™ reel; SIMpull™ Truck; Maxis™ tools; MCAP® and HCF MCAP® cables; AIW™ cord brand products; Tappan™ wire and cable; and MEGA MC™ feeder cable.

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