Outside Line Construction Industry to be Well Represented in Boston

June 28, 2016
NECA, Bethesda, Md.

NECA announced today their expanded plans to ensure key stakeholders from the Outside Line Industry will be out in force at NECA Show 2016 in Boston, October 7-10, 2016. NECA COO, Dan Walter indicated efforts to increase education and to bring suppliers for the Outside Line Construction industry have been underway for the past several years. “We have seen a dramatic increase in interest expressed by Outside Line Contractors and NECA Show exhibitors to showcase products and services that meet the specific needs of the outside line construction industry.”

NECA District 10 Vice President, Tom Halpin agreed. “There are tremendous opportunities that exist in both the short-term and the long-term for NECA Line Contractors and vendors.”  Beth Ellis, NECA Executive Director Convention – Exposition, noted that this year promises to have something for many of the outside industry stakeholders. “

In addition to the many programs and presentations that focus on safety-related topics, this year, NECA is offering two special programs that are essential for outside industry stakeholders. The first is a two-day Pre-Convention Electrical Contractor Leadership 101 class conducted by Michael Callanan. “Leadership today, Callanan notes, is a distinctive competency that is capable of separating you from your competition. This course is designed to lay the ground work for gaining a competitive advantage by increasing your organizational leadership capabilities.” Existing leadership team members and “future” or emerging leaders, will certainly benefit from this two-day 16-hour training program.

Fundamentals of Live Work: Minimum Approach Distances and Employer Requirements features a four hour workshop presented by two outside safety experts, Dave Wallis (Formerly with OSHA) and Dr. George Gela (EPRI) who will provide invaluable insight in to OSHA MAD compliance requirements for the line construction industry.” Jamie Atkins, Owner & President of Northline Utilities LLC, was instrumental in making this program available. “So often, Atkins noted, NECA Line Contractors must work closely with utility customers, to safely design the parameters under which we can work on their transmission and distribution systems. This program is designed to bring NECA Line Contractors and utility partners into the same room to explore the new MAD regulations and discuss protective strategies that work for utilities and contractors.”

Mike Gilchrist, Chapter Manager for Northeast Line Constructors Chapter of NECA says “Our Board and contractor members are especially excited to have this year’s show in our backyard. Many have shared their interest in attending the Show to meet with exhibitors, and in taking advantage of the education programs.” Tiler Eaton, IBEW Business Development Representative for the Outside Industry expressed a similar sentiment. “The timing is perfect, Eaton stated, for the NECA Show in Boston. The Transmission and Distribution work outlook for the New England area is as strong as I have ever seen it. We need we take full advantage of each and every project opportunity.”

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October 8-10,2017 

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