2016 NECA Technical Workshop Schedule

Hear about new cost-cutting and labor saving measures so you retain your competitive edge in the market. Each year, NECA partners with our exhibitors to bring a balance of the latest technologies and service advancements for electrical professionals. 

Be sure to attend any of the 18 FREE Technical Workshops. These sessions are the industry’s “best of the best”. 


Saturday, 10/8/2016      
12:30 PM             1:20 PM               
TW-1:    Leveraging the Cloud to Increase your Bottom Line         
Presented by: Benny Baltrotsky, eSub  

What's new in construction technology? Where is the industry moving in general? How does cloud technology and mobile devices eliminate silos? This session discusses how to assess which mobile devices and platforms are best suited for your company.

1:00 PM                1:50 PM               
TW-2:    How to Effectively Standardize: Learning the Benefits and Best Practices              
Presneted by: Navid Nikayin, Marcus Bannerman, and Jason Sodaro, Orbit Industries    

As important as preconstruction work can be, it is equally important for a product to be versatile in the field when conditions are unknown and installations may be changed. This session focuses on the importance of electrical contractors standardizing for pre and in-field construction, including what standardization is and its benefits, how to standardize on a line of products to fit any pre or field application, and how to identify the types of products perfect for standardization.

1:30 PM                2:20 PM               
TW-3:    Building Integrated        
Presented by: Bob Eaton and Melinda Kershaw,               Day & Night Solar  
The developing market segment of Photovoltaics is affecting the electrical industry and the cost recovery of standard building upgrades. This session presents technical discussions about Photovoltaics as an integrated building solution for both new construction and retrofits.

2:00 PM                2:50 PM               
TW-4:    Rapid Shut Down for Solar PV Roof Top Installations       
Presented by: Allen Austin, ABB/Thomas & Betts       
The National Electrical Code calls for roof top solar PV installations to have a rapid shut down means within 10 feet of the solar array and disconnect within 10 seconds of activation. This session reviews code requirements and the different types of Rapid Shut Down devices. The practical installation procedure, including interconnection with various string inverter models will be discussed.

2:30 PM                3:20 PM               
TW-5:    Maximizing the Plug Load Control Opportunity  
Presented by: Kevin Kohl and James Forte, Pass & Seymour/Legrand    

Plug load control can be taken from a cumbersome code requirement to an opportunistic business growth opportunity. This session will discuss key changes in energy codes and standards that are making plug load control a requirement in commercial installations.

3:00 PM                3:50 PM               

TW-6:    Blended Learning and the Learning Management System            
Presented by: Marty Riesberg and Greg Greiner,              electrical training ALLIANCE        

The electrical training ALLIANCE's blended learning model and learning management system are resources that benefit the entire electrical construction industry. This presentation will discuss the reasons behind this move, where we are, and where we are headed and participants will get insight into the value and use of the learning data recorded on the LMS now, as well as the future.

3:30 PM                4:20 PM               
TW-7:    Electrical BIM Beyond Coordination        
Presented by: Jared Reagan, GTP     
This session will discuss how electrical contractors can use Revit to create data rich BIM models to improve decision making and workflows for project stakeholders. Topics include a review of Revit basics, generating a prefab schedule, and accessing information from a model using cloud service and coordination programs.

Sunday, 10/9/2016         
12:00 PM             12:50 PM            
TW-8:    Technology Empowered Estimating        
Presented by: Karl Rajotte, Viewpoint  

Information technology and automation have converted construction project estimating from an arcane and sometimes mysterious art, to an art-and-science process that can be standardized and reliably repeated. That is a game changer that leads to more winning bids, better project management, enhanced cash flow, and overall improvements in management visibility and control. This session presents estimating technologies available today, cloud technology benefits, and the power of integrated platforms.

12:30PM              1:20 PM               
TW-9:    Smart Systems: Industrial Internet of Things      
Presented by: Mohamed Shishani, Schneider  
This session discusses the impact of the trend of the Industrial internet of things (IIOT) on new product development for electrical distribution and the advantages of having a connected electrical distribution system to both the electrical contractor and end users.

1:00 PM                1:50PM
TW-10:  Using Technology to Manage an Efficient Construction Workflow             
Presented by Ed Coffin, ConEst

A work breakdown structure (WBS) is a hierarchy of tasks that represent the real workflow of a construction project. A WBS can be a template for a repeatable process and this session will provide a standard for estimators, project managers, and superintendents to follow while giving management the consistency of a defined process.

1:30 PM                2:20 PM               
TW-11:  The Future of Technology in Tool Management
Presented by:  Steve Matson, Milwaukee  
Tools and equipment make up a significant expense on every project and somehow they always go missing. Whether they are misplaced, broken, or have walked off the jobsite, not having the right tools adds time and cost to projects that can’t afford them. This session will look at the scope of the tool management problem, simple steps you can take with your workforce to find solutions, and technology advancements that can help you save time and money.

2:00 PM                2:50 PM               
TW-12:  Benefits of Retrofitting T8 Luminaries    
Presented by: Howard Wolfman               , Forest Lighting

There are several cost effective T8 LED Tube alternatives available today that reduce electric power, maintenance, material, and labor costs and each solution has its benefits and drawbacks relative to installation and energy savings. This session will discuss these solutions and their inclusion in the DLC QPL for electric utility rebate programs.

2:30 PM                3:20 PM               
TW-13:  Building Intelligence in Electrical Design and Construction             
Presented by: Johnny Sellers and Roy Labourdette, Southwire 

This session will explore new tools that are available to assist with the electrical design and construction workflow in AutoCAD/Revit. Topics discussed include how to extract raceway and cable lengths directly from a model, generate raceway installation tickets, and how to remove the coordination barrier between the one-line and 3D model.

3:00 PM                3:50 PM               
TW-14:  Build Your Own Prefabrication Shop       
Presented by:  Bruce Phillips, Electrical Prefab  
This session will examine the steps needed for an electrical contractor to develop an in-house prefabrication shop. Topics include initial planning, space considerations, equipment requirements, personnel, engineering methodology, and production, labeling and packaging.

Monday 10/10/16 
9:30AM                                10:20AM             
TW-15:  Prefabricated Duct Bank Systems            
Presented by: Matthew Pearson , Forterra    
This session will discuss the benefits of prefabricated concrete encased duct banks, methods of system installation, and its incorporation into a cast in place system. Topics discussed will include the benefits, methods of installation, and incorporation of prefabricated duct banks into cast in place designs.

10:00 AM             10:50AM             
TW-16:  Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Design
Presented by:  Steve Parrott, Volt           

Taking on a landscape lighting project is daunting to electricians unfamiliar with lighting design. The process can be simplified by simply defining goals and assigning strategies to achieve each goal. This session provides attendees with a game plan for proposing and implementing a lighting design. The five primary goals of landscape lighting, how they apply to every lighting project, strategies to achieve these goals, and how to use available resources to prepare proposals and plans will be discussed.

10:30AM              11:20AM             
TW-17:  Enhance System Models with Real Electrical Components           
Presented by: Judy Miller, SysQue         
This session will discuss how electrical contractors can improve the design to construction workflow through the use of data-rich models. These models allow real electrical content, such as bendable conduit, cable tray, and wireway, allowing for additional functions such as prefabrication, cost analysis, and installation.

11:00AM              11:50AM             
TW-18:  179D Extended: What All Electrical Contractors Need to Know   
Presented by: Linda McCluskey,               alliantgroup       

In December 2015, the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act was passed. Along with extending section 179D, the PATH Act also includes key compliance changes for the deduction beginning in 2016. This session will present a breakdown of these compliance changes and discuss the qualifications for electrical contractors seeking to benefit from this valuable energy incentive.




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