All Things Digital and Disruptive - booth 1341

Two of the most popular areas on the 2016 NECA Show floor were the Disruptive Technology Pavilion and the Digital Media Lounge. Electrical professionals need to know how these new technologies are revolutionizing their businesses.  These two areas will collide on the show floor this year to become TECHTOPIA, all things digital and disruptive, during NECA 2017 Seattle.

There will be several elements to this exciting area (booth 1341):

  • Seven cutting edge new companies displaying transformational and disruptive technologies that you can see, touch and discuss with manufacturers execs. The companies are listed below.
  • Meet L. Joe (Joey) Shorter, Ph.D. Executive Director ELECTRI and Director of Research, NECA will be available to discuss details
  • Talk with Dahlia El Gazzar, Digital Tech Evangelist + Idea Igniteur, and Midori Connolly, Creative Thinker and Problem Solver. Learn how to leverage social media for your business!  From apps to gadgets, our experts can give you everything you need to dominate the digital world.  Learn about Mobile Devices, Productivity Apps, Cool Gadgets, Social Media, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Dahlia's mission is to untether the busy professional from their desktop and office, and have them be more efficient and productive working from a beach in Mexico with an umbrella drink through their mobile device and smart solutions and apps. Recently interviewed by Wired Magazine, Midori's primary passion is to make technology more human, approachable, and sustainable through empowerment by education.
  • Meet Tim Speno, President / CEO, E2E Summit.  His company develops and implements a series of industry specific, Executive - to - Executive meetings to connect industry visionaries, innovators, and pioneers.
  • TECHTOPIA Theater: A complete schedule of 18 minute "Tech Talks" that are a "must attend" for any company that is forward-thinking. 


1.  Rhumbix
Rhumbix is a mobile platform designed to increase construction productivity and safety. We are the first company to use crew telematics to capture field data in real-time from worker's smartphones. The result is safer job sites, a reduced administrative burden, and more time at the work face.

2. Fieldwire
Fieldwire is a mobile-first (iPad / iPhone, Android) collaboration platform designed for construction foremen, superintendents and engineers. The application allows field workers to access up-to-date information like blueprints, files and tasks directly on their mobile device.

3. ManufactOn
ManufactOn is a collaborative, cloud, and mobile solution for prefab production and supply chain management. We founded ManufactOn to help the construction industry leverage the power of prefabrication, with tools that integrate supply chain, prefab production, and planning. We are AEC and technology veterans who are working with construction industry leaders, designing for efficiency, usability and best practices.

4. Stok
Stok was a significant member of both teams that created the Net Zero Energy Center located in San Leandro, CA and the Net Zero Plus Electrical Training Institute (ETI) in Los Angeles, CA. These two next generation NECA & IBEW Training Centers serve as a powerful example for what the future of buildings will look and be like. Stok is a vertically integrated real estate services firm focused on creating a radically better built environment. With more than 107 million square feet of impact globally, and six of the top 15 Forbes Most Valuable Brands as clients, we enhance profitability by setting bold goals, strategically capturing underutilized resources, and optimizing for human and ecological impacts.

5.  CIS Drones
We are a UAS company specializing in BLOS and long duration operations. We have a focus on the construction industry, search and rescue, and power infrastructure. Drone demonstrations will be piloted by Thomas Waterman,  CEO and co-founder of Consolidated Imaging Systems, He is a certified FAA Systems Specialist and IBEW trained electrician. He is a FAA part 107 certificate holder as well as a sUAS master trainer with the US Army with over 5000 hours of flight time.

6.  DisruptAEC
A subject matter expert and pioneer in hologram technology as a building technique, Cody Nowak has been bridging the gap between technology, BIM, and AEC through integrating Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality. He is working on progressing the AEC industry towards the integration of real-time 3D gaming engines to be used for powering real-time collaboration and ultimately the use of BIM in the field via emerging hardware technologies.


Sunday, October 8

12:30pm - 12:48pm         Tips & Tricks for Taming Your Inbox
Presenter:                       Dahlia El Gazzar and Midori Connolly, Dahlia+ Agency

As email is becoming more commonly used, the number on a lot of people’s unread messages count is out of control! How many emails do you get in one day? 100? 500? In this session, learn how to manage incoming messages and old ones alike.

1:00pm - 1:18pm              How to Begin Your Lean Journey
Presenter:                        Ed Farraye, Fieldwire

Studies show that the time spent on actual construction work represents less than 30% of a worker’s day. That's why our team created the "How to Begin Your Lean Journey" guide, to help you with quick strategies you can implement on your construction site today. This session will outline areas for your  Lean implementation in many ways:

•         Minimize waste in access to information
•         Surface issues and track them to resolution
•         Improve commitment reliability among your team

1:30pm - 1:48pm              Creating a Data-Driven Culture
Presenter:                         Drew DeWalt, Rhumbix

How Rhumbix is working to create data driven cultures in construction topics include: *miltary influence:  shared consciousness & decentralized decision making.  *Product:  the journey (standardize, benchmark, optimize) & foreman feedback.  Turner Case Study:  Morale Boost

2:00pm - 2:18pm              Construction: Technology Transforming the Future
Presenter:                        Joey Shorter, PhD, NECA

Machines may soon rival our own intelligence! Safety and productivity will be increased. Come hear some of the technologies that will impact your work site.

2:30pm - 2:48pm              Establish Your Brand on LinkedIn
Presenter:                        Dahlia El Gazzar and Midori Connolly, Dahlia + Agency

LinkedIn has become your virtual business card. How does your profile rank? With so many changes within the LinkedIn platform, we will share with you how to master LinkedIn, and how you can enhance your professional brand and voice. This is a must-attend session if you are serious of revamping your LinkedIn profile.

3:00pm - 3:18pm              Finding Solutions with UAV's
Presenter:                        John Clark, CIS Drones (Tom Waterman)

CIS is a company that has decided to customize UAV technology to fit within the indutry instead of trying to get the industry to fit to UAV technology.  We listen to what the project needs are for each client and adapt the UAV technology to comply with regulations and specifications of the project.  We are currently pursuing the development of Heavy Lift capabilities with UAV 's with hybrid systems to increase flight duration times limited by the current technology.

3:30pm - 3:48pm              Apps That You Can’t Live Without
Presenter:                        Dahlia El Gazzar and Midori Connolly, Dahlia + Agency

You hear about new apps every single second of the day. Life is too short and data is too precious. So which ones do you download? Which ones work and don’t, and more importantly, how would they work for your needs?  All of these questions answered in this session and then some. Come learn of great apps that can rock your world! We’ll share the apps, and show you exactly how to use them.

Monday, October 9

12:30pm - 12:48pm         5 Ways to Keep Hackers Away From Your Personal Info
Presenter:                       Dahlia El Gazzar and Midori Connolly, Dahlia + Agency

The internet has changed our lives in countless positive ways, but it has a dark side. Personal privacy has been lost, leaving you at risk from shady individuals, companies and security agencies. But there are 5 easy steps you can take to limit your exposure.

1:00pm - 1:18pm              Retaining Productivity and Intellectual Capital
Presenter:                        Joey Shorter, PhD

Older workers will soon become the largest available, untapped resource for employment. Come, share strategies for slowing the exodus of slower workers – retaining their knowledge and skills.

1:30pm - 1:48pm              Tips & Tricks to Maximize Your Use of Google
Presenter:                         Dahlia El Gazzar and Midori Connolly, Dahlia+ Agency

We’ve all used Google’s search engine – but are you using it efficiently? Gmail is also a popular email host with great functionality (e.g. Google Calendar, Drive, etc.) that you may not be making use of! This session will cover some tips & tricks that can help you use Google better and smarter.

2:00pm - 2:18pm              Streamlining Electrical Prefab Production Management
Presenter:                         Raghi Iyengar & Brad Hartnagle, ManufactON
We will explore and illustrate different strategies around managing a prefab scope of work including:  planning, coordination, shop production, and connecting shop to field workflow.  We will also discuss how QR workflows can help connect and streamline the entire production management process.

2:30pm - 2:48pm              Your Future Electrical Contractor
Presenter:                         Tim Speno, President & CEO E2E Summit

Tim will present the concept of what the Future Electrical Worker will look like.  Using an analogy of the past, present, and future military soldier, the Electrician and Lineman can and will take advantage of similar technologies to enhance their productivity and safety.   A number of technologies, available and still in the development stages, will be showcased. 

3:00pm - 3:18pm              Net Zero Energy & NECA
Presenter:                        Peter Vitale, Stok

stok provided sustainability consulting services to both the Zero Net Energy Center located in San Leandro, CA and the Net Zero Plus Electrical Training Institute (Net Zero Plus ETI) in Los Angeles, CA.  These two next generation NECA & IBEW Training Centers are powerful examples of the future of the built enviroment.  This presentation will share highlights from these projects and will also provide a roadmap for taking additional NECA-related sites to similar Net Zero performance levels.

3:30pm - 3:48pm              Utilizing Social Media Management Tools
Presenter:                         Dahlia El Gazzar and Midori Connolly, Dahlia + Agency

Are you trying to figure out how to manage your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn without spending hours on each site? This session is designed to introduce you to social media dashboards that will allow you to manage all your social networks in one place.

Tuesday, October 10

9:30am - 9:48 am             Holograms for Construction
Presenter:                        Cody Nowak, DisruptAEC

This session will be covering the innovation of integration from outside the AEC industry.  Looking to the tech industry focused on the use of Augmented Reality within the AEC trades to improve upon workflow and inefficiencies in construction.  The topic of discussion will be the use of holograms for construction and how this impacts the workflow of the BIM model from the office to field, time savings, and accuracy of the as built environment.  For more information before the session please visit

10:00am - 10:18am          Gen-Z: Workers Who Are Consumers, Influencers, Innovators, and Tech Savvy
Presenter:                        Joey Shorter, PhD, NECA

There are not enough younger workers in the pipeline to sustain the skills base needed for growing business opportunities. Hear how “re-branding” and an all-in and all-out effort will bring successful recruiting of the younger generations.

10:30am - 10:48am          Top 10 Apps On-the-Go
Presenter:                        Dahlia El Gazzar and Midori Connolly, Dahlia + Agency

Achieving the perfect work/life balance may be difficult, but you can surely get some help from apps that will allow you to free up time to do more of what you want, whether it may be for work or for life. Find more time in your schedule now with these apps.

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