NEW This Year! (booth 238)

presents The NECA Presentation Theater 

For the first time, NECA is offering the chance for 2017 exhibitors to directly talk about their products and solutions for our industry. These 18 minute “TED Talk” type sessions will take place in an open presentation area directly on the NECA Show floor. .  Find out more about the newest solutions for the job and in the office.  Plan to attend one or more of these short talks. The Presentation Theater is located in booth 238 next to the Showstopper Showcase.

Sunday, October 8

Time:  12:30 – 12:48pm
Company:  Pentair
Presenter:  Lanny McCormack
Title:  A New Angle On Pulling Wire:  The Hoffman Angled Trough
Description:  Introducing Hoffman's new Angled Trough, a unique (patented) solution that saves commercial contractors time and labor by eliminating the need to bend conduit at the job site.  The angled design allows for conduit runs from 6 sides vs 5 sides in traditional designs, and can save up to 80% total installation cost in a typical commercial application.
Time:  1:00 – 1:18pm
Company: ILSCO
Presenter Tina Hunter
Title:  Compression - Colorful Solutions
Description:  Whether planning a job site from ground up or addressing service issues ILSCO's spec-grade compression line offers countless solutions.  Come learn how our range of taking lugs that are tested with over 75 tools from nine different manufactures can save you time and money.  Oh and we will also have a fun give-away for contractors just looking for SWAG.  Don't worry, its not a koozies!!
Time:  1:30 – 1:48pm
Company:  Schneider Electric
Presenter:  Mohamed Shishani
Title:  Driving Revenue Through Innovation
Description:  Learn how Schneider Electric can increase your revenue and bring more safe, reliable, and efficient power to give you peace of mind and significant financial benefits.  EcoStruxture delivers loT-enabled future-ready power solutions that "simply work".
Time:  2:00 – 2:18pm
Company:  Viewpoint
Presenter:  Karl Rajotte
Title:  Gain control Over the Entire Estimating Process
Description:  As an Electrical Contractor see how Viewpoint's Electrical Estimating can help you lower costs associated with bidding while saving time and increasing accuracy through takeoffs and estimates.  The solution includes Digital takeoff (generate takeoffs directly on the screen), multi-level breakouts, assemblies on the fly, what-if analysis, automatic pricing from local suppliers, proposal generator and much more.
Time:  2:30 – 2:48pm
Company:  Southwire Tools & Equipment
Presenter:  Tom Caldwell
Title:  Southwire Solutions with Equipment Ergonomics
Description:  Present approach to workers & contractor safety, ergonomics and equipment trends.  
Time:  3:00 – 3:18pm
Company:  Eaton
Presenter:  Chris Andrews
Title:  Distributed Low-Voltage (DLVP) System - The solution that eliminates resourcing dilemmas and wiring errors
Description:  The complete system meets the most pressing demands of the busy electrical contractor, providing low-voltage power, LED lighting, and full controls functionality out-of-the-box.  The easily configured "plug-and-play" DLVP system reduces a project's installation labor hours by up to 40%, allowing contractors to take on more projects and directly impacting their bottom line.
Time:  3:30 – 3:48pm
Company:  Sanveo, Inc
Presenter:  Nikhil Gandhi/Abhishek
Title:  NextGen Construction for Electrical Contractors
Description:  BIM and VDC today, are extremely integral to any Electrical Contractor's operation.  The investment in BMI and VDC over the past decade has been justified by the huge benefits it brings to the project cost, schedule, quality and safety.  But what is next?  What are some of the future applications in Construction Technology that Electrical Contractors should be looking out for?  This presentation not only highlights some of the current Construction Technology (BIM/VDC) applications for Electrical Contractors using case studies but also sheds light on the future outlook for technology in the Construction Industry.

Monday, October 9

Time:  12:30 – 12:48pm
Company:  ILSCO
Presenter:  Daniel Dance
Title:  NIMBUS® - Insulated Multi Tap Connector
Description:  Learn how NIMBUS reduces 75% of your installation time and eliminates the risk of electrical shock.  Proper installation of both code and fine stranded wire in a mechanical connector using our specially designed screw will be discussed.
Time:  1:00 – 1:18pm
Company:  Gexpro
Presenter:  Kate Burkhard
Title:  Proven Solutions to Increasing Your Productivity + Profitability
Description:  Are you looking to improve your bottom lin?  Learn how Gexpro Performance Solutions can save you time and money, lowering your total cost of ownership and improving your overall performance.  From digital tools to onsite material management and more, all of our solutions are scalable and customizable.  Join us to learn how we can help you find opportunities on any type and size of project.
Time:  1:30 – 1:48pm
Company:  Southwire Company
Presenter:  Tim Bardin
Title:  Southwire Solution University
Description:  SSU delivers real-world product training for contractors, distributors and apprenticeships throughout North America.  Our hand-on training classes focus on Southwire's unique products and services that promote safety and improve productivity.
Time:  2:00 – 2:18pm
Company:  Tyndale
Presenter:  Scott Margolin
Title:  FRC Programs:  How to Improve Comfort, Happiness & Compliance and Eliminate Complaints
Description:  Many people are unhappy with their FRC programs and others avoid implementing a program to begin with, because of perceived issues with comfort, style, heat stress, headaches, managing the program, complaints and cost. It doesn't have to be this way; comfort and happiness ARE possible.  The last few years have seen a tremendous expansion of FR fibers, fabrics, garments, styles, brands and program management.  You can fix a problematic program or start a new one by leveraging the right combination of these recent advances to suit your company and enjoy affordability, headache-free FRC.  This presentation will highlight common FRC program problems, solutions and strategies  for success.
Time:  2:30 – 2:48pm
Company:  McCormick
Presenter:  Paul Wheaton
Title:  Estimating & Design
Description:  McCormick Systems has been providing estimating software to contractors since 1979.  With the latest addition of Design Estimating Pro, contractors have a dramatic new way to perform, design, build, and estimate at the same time.  Come see how McCormick can increase your design, estimating speed, ease of use, and profitability.
Time:  3:00 – 3:18pm
Company:  Eaton
Presenter:  Nick Klus
Title:  The evolution of safety switch design for a growing emphasis on personnel protection
Description:  This presentation will discuss the most common types of safety switches before detailing modern innovations for enhanced personnel and equipment protection and providing an overview of common safety switch options
Time:  3:30 – 3:48pm
Company:  FLIR
Presenter:  Brad Riser
Title:  How FLIR IGM™ Can Make Your Job Safer & Faster
Description:  FLIR IGM (Infrared Guided Measurement) is a non-contact thermal measurement that's a must-have for commercial and residential electrical contractors.  Tools enhanced with IGM guide you visually to the precise location of hot spots and potential failures, while you maintain a safe distance.  The thermal image shows indicates exactly where you need to measure, so there's no hunting around for the source of hot spots.  Because FLIR combines IGM with its feature-rich clamp and multi-meters, you can quickly and safely test electrical functions, take measurements and diagnose faults all with one value-packed tool.

Tuesday, October 10

Time:  9:30 – 9:48am
Company:  Eaton
Presenter:  Michael Brown
Title:  Specifying intelligent panelboards to meet ASHRAE & IECC energy codes
Description:  This presentation will discuss how Specifying intelligent panelboards can achieve compliance with new ASHARE and IECC energy code requirements for lighting and receptacle control.  Attendees will learn about the code changes requiring daylighting and automatic shut-off for 50% of receptacles.  Cost-effective design strategies will also be discussed to help contractors reduce installation labor, required wall space and commissioning time by up to 50%
Time:  10:00 – 10:18am
Company:  Southwire Company
Presenter:  Russ King
Title:  Overview of Southwire's Contractor Solutions Services
Description:  Introduction of Southwire's Contractor Solutions Professionals as a paid service on the job site.  Southwire's Contractor Solutions Professionals will be available on tough or complex installations of wire and cable.
Time:  10:30 – 10:48am
Company:  ILSCO
Presenter:  Andy Zwit
Title:  Compression Grounding - The all-weather solution.  
Description: Don't Worry and Don't Delay, Even When the Rain Won't Go Away.  Rain on a job site is inevitable but it doesn't have to keep you from meeting a deadline.  Learn how compression grounding can help you take control of your schedule while saving time and money.  Come watch ILSCO demonstrate how you can make irreversible grounding connections in spite of rain, sleet, snow and monkey wrenches.
Time:  11:00 – 11:18am
Company:  American Technical Publishers
Presenter:  Jason McCarty
Title:  Training Effective Field Leaders
Description:  Learn how to get the best from your field leaders.  This presentation will focus on proven ways to train your workforce to become productive leaders.  Help your company compete with more effective leadership on the job site

Dates: Sunday, Sept. 30 - Tuesday, Oct. 2
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