Chalfant Manufacturing Company

Brunswick,  OH 
United States
  • Booth: 1935

Chalfant offers the most complete line of cable tray systems

Chalfant Manufacturing has been in business for over 75 years and currently offers one of the most complete lines of cable tray systems in the industry. Our tray offerings include, aluminum and steel ladder trays, wire mesh, channel tray, marine standard tray, wide span ladder, and our new self-connecting RKS-Magic and BKRS walkable tray. Now part of the OBO Bettermann Group, Chalfant also has access to OBO's over 30,000 products and global reach of more then 60 countries. Visit us at to discover all Chalfant has to offer. 

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 Press Releases

  • (Mar 06, 2017)

    Chalfant Manufacturing is proud to introduce the newest UL classified addition to our self-connecting tray line. RKS-Magic is a self-connecting trough style tray that permits faster connections for all straight sections as well as prefabricated bends, intersections and accessories. The magic ends lock in place with a single click. RKS-Magic cable tray is available in side heights of 1" and 2" and widths ranging from 2"-24". RKS-Magic also comes with a full line of self-connecting accessories including our new variable bend. This new bend allows the installer to set the exact angle required between 0 and 90 degrees, no cutting required. You can see all these exciting new features at the 2017 NECA expo in Seattle or by visiting

  • Chalfant is excited to introduce our UL Classified Walkable Cable Tray Line. This industry leading cable tray line is specially designed with thicker side walls and integrated alumnium checker tread covers to create a safe platform that can route cables as well as safely support the weight of personel. 

    Heavy loads, stamping feet, dust and debris - Chalfant's enclosed walkable cable tray systems can handle this and more, thanks to their ingenius system design. With excellent mechanical stability they offer effective protection for cables all while providing optimal sheilding to ensure electromagnetic compatibility.

    Non-slip Covers - The covers of the cable trays, with their aluminum checker plate surfaces, are non-slip to make sure workers are always on a solid footing.

    High Traffic Load - the material thickness of cable trays is a continuous 2mm (12 gauge). The covers have an overall material thickness of 4mm (5/32") to 6mm (1/4"). 

    Material Stability - The Z-shaped dividers are also 2mm (12gauge) thick, providing additional support for wider width trays up to 600mm (24")

    UL Classified- The BKRS Walkable Tray system is UL classified as to its suitability as an equipment groud conductor. 

    EMC- tested - Through the use of dividers, power, control and data cables are isloated to ensure electromatic compatibility. The trays and covers themselves provide perfect all-round protection for the cables. 

    BET- tested - Our in-house BET Test Centre, simulates the loads that the walkable cable tray systems have to withstand on a constant basis. We determined that maximum load capasity and carrying capasity of the system, as well as its resistance to dust and corrosion. This means that as a systems provider we place the paramount importance on safety. 

 Show Stoppers

  • BKRS - Walkable Cable Tray
    UL classified walkable cable tray system designed for heavy loads....

  • UL classified walkable cable tray system designed for heavy loads. Modle # BKRS 130 FS
  • RKSM - Self Connecting Cable Tray
    Self-Connecting UL classified cable trough system designed for fast installation....

  • Self-Connecting UL classified cable trough system designed for fast installation.  Model # RKSM 620 FS

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