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Visit leviton.com for complete product information.

Leviton leads the industry with a wide selection of code-compliant electrical/electronic products for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Visit leviton.com for complete information on load centers, lighting controls, GFCIs, home automation, networking, hospital grade devices, occupancy sensors and more. Leviton offers contractor/installer training and certification. Send an email to info@leviton.com to find out how to sign up for training.

 Press Releases

  • Melville, N.Y. (March 26, 2018) – Leviton, a leading brand of smart, whole-home electrical solutions, is raising the bar in power distribution with the introduction of the Leviton Load Center. Featuring an all plug-on design* and circuit breakers that exceed UL safety standards, Leviton has completely reimagined the load center to make it more attractive, approachable, and easier for contractors to work with, while improving homeowner safety. “The Leviton Load Center marks real innovation in the electrical contracting industry—a category that hasn’t seen much change in decades,” said Daryoush Larizadeh, president and chief operating officer of Leviton. “Utilizing our strong, century-long history of creating innovative electrical solutions for the home, we’re driving the industry forward.” With an all plug-on design, the Leviton Load Center can be installed more efficiently compared to competitive products. All branch wires terminate at custom lugs in the panel, making wiring easier and neater—and eliminating the need for pigtails. This means the entire panel can be terminated at rough-in. All connections are made at the final insertion of the circuit breaker. The innovative design also enables users to switch out branch circuit breakers with no rewiring required. Leviton circuit breakers keep homeowner safety in mind. Leviton has added its patented reset lockout technology to both GFCI and AFCI/GFCI circuit breakers making them the only true power denial circuit breakers available on the market, exceeding UL safety standards for end-of-life protection. This technology ensures ground-fault protection against electric shock is always working, whereas power from competitive circuit breakers will continue to flow under some exceptions allowed by UL only for circuit breakers. AFCI circuit breakers also feature reset lockout technology when the manual test places the device into the tripped state. Leviton circuit breakers also feature rugged hydraulic-magnetic trip technology, which operates reliably, even in extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to 85°C. This offers an added layer of safety typically only available in commercial grade products.Unlike typical circuit breaker boxes, the Leviton Load Center was designed to complement any home interior. Its sleek, white enclosure and optional window create an approachable interface that helps homeowners better understand the status of their home’s power. When a circuit breaker trips, the Leviton breaker’s intuitive, at-a-glance diagnostics make it easy to identify trip condition and type of fault (arc or ground fault) without the need to reset the circuit breakers. And industry-first line side powered electronics ensure LED indicators remain lit, even when tripped. The culmination of these innovations is a homeowner-friendly load center that empowers users to take control of their home’s power delivery, while delivering a higher level of safety that gives builders and families piece of mind. For electrical contractors, the Leviton Load Center means faster installs and more streamlined service, all from a highly trusted brand in power delivery. “When designing the Leviton Load Center, we went back to the drawing board to redefine what a load center could be for contractors and homeowners,” said Justin Berghoff, director of business development & product management, residential, Leviton. “It had to be intuitive, easy to install and safe. What we created is different from anything on the market today, and continues Leviton’s history of pioneering technological advancements.” For more information, visit www.levitonloadcenter.com *For applications up to 60A when using copper wire, or 50A when using aluminum
  • Melville, N.Y., May 24, 2018 – Leviton today announced that its GFCI and Dual Function AFCI/GFCI circuit breakers are the only circuit breakers currently on the market that meet the newly revised UL943 Standard for Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupters. The UL943 standard was revised to improve auto-monitoring, requiring permanently connected Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupters to provide the same high level of life-safety protection as their GFCI receptacle counterparts, thereby removing previous exemptions to End of Life (EOL) events for GFCI circuit breakers. The current standard now requires circuit breakers with GFCI technology to respond to all seven UL-identified “single component failure modes that can cause the GFCI to become unable to respond to a ground-fault”. If even one of these seven failures occur, GFCI protection is lost. Previously, only GFCI receptacles were required to respond to all seven failures, and GFCI circuit breakers were granted exceptions to two of the seven failures, requiring them to respond only to five. Because of these exceptions, it was possible for a GFCI circuit breaker to be reset and continue to provide unprotected power. Although this gap in protection has now been closed, manufacturers have been given more than three years to improve their design to conform. “The Leviton Load Center GFCI and Dual Function AFCI/GFCI circuit breakers were designed from the start to provide more complete protection by responding to all seven EOL component failure modes,” said Justin Berghoff, director of business development and product management for Leviton Residential. “As the industry leader in GFCI devices for decades, we seized the opportunity to do what we do best and incorporate it into our circuit breakers, providing customers with up-to-date, safe and reliable solutions.” The Leviton Load Center redefines what a load center should be with enhanced, industry-leading safety features, an all plug-on design* for easy installation and a more contemporary aesthetic. Its circuit breakers feature intuitive, at-a-glance diagnostics to make it easy for users to identify trip condition and type of fault (arc- or ground-fault) without the need to reset the circuit breakers. Industry-first line side powered electronics ensure LED indicators remain lit, even when tripped. For more information, visit www.levitonloadcenter.com *For applications up to 60A when using copper wire, or 50A when using aluminum
  • An Open Letter to the Electrical Industry
    At Leviton, electrical and consumer safety is not just our pursuit, it’s our passion. Since 1906, safety has been at the forefront of our innovations in product development. One of our proudest safety accomplishments is our work in ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs). We have been awarded numerous patents for GFCI innovations including our SmartlockPro® reset lockout feature that prevents power from flowing from a receptacle in the event the GFCI reaches its end-of-life.

    A Tradition of Safety
    True to this tradition of safety first, earlier this year, we introduced the Leviton Load Center with its
    groundbreaking GFCI technology that exceeds existing UL/ANSI 943 requirements and meets the same auto monitoring requirements as GFCI receptacles. In the interest of consumer safety, we made the decision not to rely on the two exceptions that other GFCI circuit breaker manufacturers relied on to meet the UL/ANSI 943 end-of-life auto-monitoring requirements. What does this mean? In the event a Leviton GFCI circuit breaker experiences failure (open) of the trip solenoid or SCR, the Leviton circuit breaker cannot be reset when tested per the UL/ANSI 943 requirements for auto-monitoring. No other GFCI circuit breaker prevents reset when tested in this manner.

    Amendment to UL 943
    We believe and take pride in the fact that Leviton’s GFCI circuit breaker was the catalyst for the recent amendment to UL/ANSI 943 through an ANSI consensus process to expand auto-monitoring functionality to all GFCIs -- with NO exceptions. This eliminated the exceptions granted to GFCI circuit breakers for solenoid or SCR failure, allowing manufacturers until May 2021 to meet the new standard.1 At the time, Leviton applauded UL and the Standards Technical Panel for removing the exceptions. However, electricians,builders and consumers must still be cautious in their selection of GFCI circuit breakers. Removal of the exceptions does not mean a safer GFCI circuit breaker.

    Recently Published UL Guidance is not in the best interest of Consumer Safety
    On August 23, 2018, UL published new guidance in which they concluded that a positive visual indication of end-of-life was not necessary to satisfy the amended UL/ANSI 943 standard.2 Rather, the lack of any handle movement is an acceptable visual “indication.” What this means is that the same GFCI circuit breakers that previously relied on the exceptions to UL/ANSI 943 will continue to satisfy UL/ANSI 943without modification. At Leviton, we believe this is not in the best interest of consumer safety.

    GFCI Circuit Breakers are being held to a Lower Standard than GFCI Receptacles Notwithstanding UL’s newly published “guidance,” Leviton believes it is ill-advised to expect a homeowner to recognize that a GFCI circuit breaker must be replaced when the handle doesn’t react to the press of the test button.
    Our commitment to electrical and consumer safety will never waver. Our customers
    expect it -- so should the entire industry.

    1 UL NMX-J-520-ANCE • CSA C22.2 NO. 144.1-16 • UL 943, February 23, 2018
    2 UL Technical Guidance Document, “Visual Indicator” Requirement, Standard 943

  • Melville, N.Y., Jan. 2, 2018 – Leviton today announced the most powerful addition to its line of USB Charger Devices. The Type A and Type-C™ USB Charger/Tamper Resistant Receptacle offers two high powered vertical USB ports, one Type A and one Type-C, delivering a combined total of 5.1A charging current and 25+ watts of power, along with two additional tamper resistant receptacles. The Type-C port within the receptacle provides up to 59 percent faster charging power compared to leading competitors based upon tests performed using a Lightning® cable and the Type-C port with an iPhone® 7, iPad Mini™ 1 and iPad Pro® 9.7. Engineered utilizing smart chip technology, the device recognizes and optimizes the charging requirements of individual devices for faster charging of smartphones, tablets and other peripheral devices that use the Type-C cable. “The Leviton Type A and Type-C™ USB Charger/Tamper Resistant Receptacle delivers faster, more powerful charging to a wide range of electronic devices, and the reversible Type-C connector allows users to easily plug in cables in either direction,” said William Randall, director of product management, Leviton Residential. “The addition of two tamper resistant receptacles not only improves child safety, but also provides a convenient solution for other power needs while devices are charging.” With a 5-year limited warranty, Leviton Type A and Type-C™ USB Charger/Tamper Resistant Receptacles are ideal for residential and commercial applications including kitchens, bedrooms, college dormitories, airport lounges, hospitals (hospital grade model available), salons and spas, hotels, meeting rooms, cafes, restaurants and more. Combining functionality with style, the device is available in white, ivory, light almond, gray, black, brown and red, and is compatible with the complete line of Leviton Decora® wiring devices, Decora wallplates and Decora Plus™ screwless wallplates. The Leviton Type A and Type-C™ USB Charger/Tamper Resistant Receptacle is now available through Leviton’s network of retail, online and electrical distribution channels, including its online store. For additional product information, visit www.leviton.com/usb.

 Show Stoppers

  • Load Center
    Meets UL standards, saves on installation time, and is clearly more approachable...

  • Raising the Bar …Again.   For over 110 years, Leviton has cultivated a rich tradition of safety and innovation, developing electrical products that set the industry standard in technology and help to keep families safe and homes protected. This expertise has now come full circle with the introduction of a smarter solution for the home’s electrical management hub: the new Leviton Load Center. Drawing upon our experience as a leader in the electrical industry, Leviton applied the latest technology to engineer a residential load center that’s easy to install, logical in functionality, aesthetically appealing and adept at delivering more complete protection for optimal safety. As a trusted name and business partner, the Leviton brand is consistently preferred by builders and contractors for wiring devices, lighting controls and switches. Now the Leviton Load Center is propelling the industry forward with a relevant, smart solution and setting a new standard in the residential electrical landscape for both installers and users.  Model # LP210-MB

  • Decora Smart WIFI Mini Plug-In Outlet
    Control electronics, lamps and other devices from a smart phone or tablet using Wifi...

  • The low-cost device plays on the popularity of Decora Smart’s in-wall and plug-in devices.  The affordable Mini Outlet is poised to make every house a smart home, controlling lamps, appliances, fans, electronics and plug-in window A/C units.  The small device packs a punch, controlling up to 1500W.  The clock/schedule lives inside each device, so even if internet is down, schedules run appropriately.  Easily create time-based automation, use the app to control from anywhere, or attach to Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant/Nest/Samsung SmartThings/IFTTT and more.  Industry-leading five year warranty, reduced footprint, and connectivity make the new Leviton Decora Smart addition a sure winner. Model # DWI5P

  • Type A and Type C USB
    Charger/Tamper Resistant Receptacle offers superior charging power with two vertical USB parts, 5.1A of charging current, 25 + watts of Power....

  • Smart, reliable charging from the brand you trust. The Type A and Type-C™ USB Charger/Tamper Resistant Receptacle offers superior charging power for smartphones, tablets, laptops, monitors, printers and more. Two high powered vertical USB Ports, one Type A and one Type-C, deliver a combined total of 5.1A charging current and 25+ watts of power. Smart chip technology recognizes and optimizes the charging requirements of individual devices and the Type-C port enables the cables to be inserted easily in either direction. The Type A and Type-C™ USB Charger/Tamper Resistant Receptacle is a powerful solution to help keep your devices charged with ease and style.  Model #T5633

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