Responding to a request for more lighting and controls companies, we have prominently located a lighting & Controls Theater on the NECA Show floor in booth 214.  

The lighting and controls market is changing rapidly and we are committed to bring you the newest solutions. Technology is advancing the sophistication and options available today.  Plan to attend one or more of these informative talks and visit the booths of these fine lighting and controls companies. 

Please scroll down to schedule your time for these important short interactive sessions from many fine companies. Bring you questions and ideas.


Sunday, September 30, 2018
12:30pm - 12:48pm  Decrease Your Installation Costs with Total Room Automation
Every building requires HVAC and lighting controls, and in some cases shade controls. These disparate solutions are often installed on top of one another which adds unnecessary costs and complication, especially when these systems need to be integrated. Learn how to converge these networks into one synchronized system that will reduce installation costs, improve user experience, and optimize building operations. Presented by Siemens Industry, Inc.
1:00pm - 1:18pm     An IQ Test for "Smart" Lighting Systems
Smart lighting is the latest trend in our industry but why so these systems seem so complicated?  Smart does not always equal easy, but it can be simplified with the right questions asked at the right time.  This presentation will arm you with the tools to cut through the jargon and give you the advantage on the next project.  Presented by Acuity Brands
1:30pm - 1:48pm    Introducing Solar Products to Your Existing Customer
Solar technology and how to promote the product to existing customer base. Presented by Beyond LED Lighting
2:00pm - 2:18pm      Lighting Controls & IoT - Maximize Your Business Potential
We will discuss the three tiers of lighting controls & luminaire integrated controls. Network controls and connected lighting and share how this new technology can help you maximize your business potential by shortening time on the job and enabling you to sell more value added services to your customers. Presented by Philips / Signify
2:30pm - 2:48pm     Changing Technology in the Lighting Control Industry
Technology in the lighting & control industry is forever changing.  Come and hear about the lastest technology regarding wireless control & tunable white light that benefits our learning & health industry. Presented by Creston
3:00pm - 3:18pm    IoT without the Internet for Lighting and Controls
What if you could have the benefits of network connected lighting and controls without any added wired or wireless infrastructure installation? What if you could do this on a completely secure, private network reducing your security worries about internet or cloud connected infrastructure. We will be presenting the latest advances in power line communications based on the IEEE G3-PLC standards and introduce a product line developed at the University of Pennsylvania’s Pennovation center for power line connected lighting and sensor networks. Presented by Automation Research Group
3:30pm - 3:48pm     Improving Contractor Profitability On Lighting Projects
Lighting projects can be predictable, efficient, and sustanable with less stress on you.  In this brief session, we will explore practical steps that you can integrate on your next lighting package and project.  You will see best practices already working for NECA contractors.  We will start with the estimate & conclude with commissioning. Presented by Graybar
Monday, October 1, 2018
12:30pm - 12:48pm     How do I choose the Right Controls? Manufacturer vs Agnostic Approach
We have a team of lighting and controls experts that are trained in all the top manufactures of LED products and Controls.  We take an unbiased approach to product recommendation based on our customers’ needs  for their applications and projects.  Because we have all major brands available to us,  we have the tools and resources to specify the correct products for your applications based on your need not what we carry. Presented by Gexpro
1:00pm - 1:18pm     RATIO - Simple. Addressable, Lighting Solutions
An overview of our new Dali base small area control solution.  RATIO, works with minimum of just 3 components; a small power supply, a match box size push of a button and a completely flat occupancy sensor.  With RATIO you can activate up to 16 lighting scenes with a push of a button or from a smart phone/tablet.  RATIO is a perfect solution for, conference rooms, hotel meeting rooms, classrooms and offices. Presented by B.E.G. Controls
1:30pm - 1:48pm     Empowering Electrical Contractors to Grow with Wireless Controls
Today’s electrical contractors have enormous growth opportunities in lighting and controls, but they face challenges with a tightening labor market, faster job timelines, vague project specifications, and an increasing expectation of expertise on todays building systems, from energy codes to smart buildings.  This presentation will demonstrate how contractors can install projects faster, hit the estimates even with vague project details, and get more jobs done with the team you have.  The simplicity of wireless controls will allow you to grow your business and position your company to take advantage of the trends from energy codes to smart buildings and set your firm up for the future growth. Presented by Lutron
2:00pm - 2:18pm     The Impact of IoT on the Lighting Retrofit Industrry
The lighting industry is being radically transformed by the Internet of Things (IoT).  There are an estimated 12 billion 'end-points' throughout commercial, industrial, and residential facilities making lighting the most omnipresent network of connected devices in the world and the ideal highway for lot.  How will this impact lighting retrofit strategies? Presented by ecoInsight, Inc.
2:30pm - 2:48pm     Benefits for Retrofitting Your Next Project
Lighting technology has come a long way in the past decade.  Lower energy bills, better looking properties, and rebates are just a few of the benefits that come from retrofitting your lighting.  Retrofitting creates proven solutions that result in cost and energy savings benefits.  We will take a look at how electrical contractors can benefit from using a retrofit for their future projects. Presented by Zled Lighting
3:00pm - 3:18pm     Surge Protection - A Value Proposition 
Introduction to surge protection.  Company background and available products.Presented by Able Power
3:30pm - 3:48pm     Why Sell a Switch When You can Sell a Dimmer
Selling on upgrades is a valuable sales technique that improves profits and customer satisfaction for a win-win.  By suggesting products that offer convenience, energy savings or help increase the value of a home, you transform from a service provider to a solution provider. Learn how to generate customer loyalty, repeat business and referrals – all of which lead to increased revenue and business growth. Presented by Leviton
Tuesday, October 2, 2018
9:30am - 9:48 am     "mySupplier":  Helping Electrical Contractors Increase Profitability
mySupplier is an LED marketplace with access to dozens of manufacturers.  We offer additional services such as lighting and ITS lighting design services, rebate management, performance engineering, product vetting and sourceing, logistics management and turnkey partnership. Presented by mySupplier
10:00am - 10:18am     Renewable and Resilient:  Off-Grid Street/Campus Lighting 
Make your next exterior lighting project shine!  Aris Wind’s Remote Power Unit (RPU) harnesses wind and solar to reliably light, school, municipal and corporate properties without underground trenching/wiring. The RPU provides the client with a 100% renewable and resilient off-grid lighting solution that provides additional security lighting, even if the grid is down, with a modern aesthetic design and optional marketing banners to promote the client’s green brand.  The RPU also self powers its own internet connectivity.   Beyond monitoring and control of the RPU itself, this opens up a range of new application of video cameras, sensors, etc to resiliently power Smart Cities.  This presentation will discuss the RPU’s current and growing installations at schools, hospitals, corporate properties, and municipalities, what the product can and cannot do, and how we see the this energy/lighting solution evolving.  Aris Wind seeks electrical and lighting contractors as dealer/installers nationwide. Presented by Aris Wind, LLC
10:30am - 10:48am     Introduction to NICOR Lighting
Find out about the newest and most innovative LED products and contractor lighting services Nicor Lighting has to offer.  Presented by Nicor Lighting
11:00am - 11:18am     Better Value and Service on Large-scale Renovations and New Construction 
Learn how ELEDLights works with GCs and electrical contractors on large-scale renovations and new construction to provide their customers better value and service. From initial planning, lighting design, luminaire selection, municipal approvals, rebate processing, through value engineering, ELEDLights can engage at any point in the lighting project to help contractors and their customers meet deadlines and reduce costs while meeting or exceeding specifications. We will walk through a few types of projects we’ve worked on and show the lighting layouts and plans as well as the final results, while describing the process to get there. Lastly, we will touch on the use of smart solutions and controls as LED technology continues to advance and describe where and how we’ve had the most success.  Presented by ELEDLights

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