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Lind Equipment makes the best in portable electrical equipment with a focus on portable LED lighting (including our patented Beacon360 360° area light), cable reels, portable power, GFCIs, and static grounding.

Lind's LED Jobsite is a completely new way to think about jobsite lighting.  Forget bulb-based string lights and highbays, the LED Jobsite brings state-of-the-art LED lights that save money, are easier to install, and change the game on your temporary lighting requirements. Win more projects by using the LED Jobsite.  Find out how.

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 Press Releases

  • Bye-bye stringlights. Hello industry-first: An integrated, adaptable lighting system poised to revolutionize the jobsite.

    (September 26, 2018) Lind Equipment – leaders in portable LED construction lighting – announces a redesigned LED Jobsite suite of products at NECA 2018 in Philadelphia. The LED Jobsite now provides a complete system of temporary lighting that greatly increases efficiency on the jobsite and makes projects more profitable. By using LED Jobsite’s integrated solutions, contractors can easily tackle even the most challenging jobsite lighting conditions.

    “We are excited to introduce an industry-first lighting system that can be reconfigured as needed, providing the contractor with unparalleled ease of use and efficiency as the lighting needs change,” says Brian Astl, president, Lind Equipment. “While today’s electrical contractors continue to face challenges at construction jobsites, using this groundbreaking, integrated LED lighting solution will provide benefits to electrical contractors and project stakeholders through incredible labor savings and increased profitability.”

    Astl continues, “Our products are bringing a revolutionary change to jobsite lighting. Now lighting is a reusable asset that performs in concert with the other lighting on a jobsite. There’s no going back to the days of stringlights and substandard lighting.”

    Maximum Light Coverage, Adaptable Solution

    To maximize the total light coverage across the jobsite, all products in the suite work together as one system. Together, these products are all built to exceed military-grade drop-test standards and have IP65 weatherproof ratings. In short, LED Jobsite lights will withstand any abuse the jobsite might throw at them, and it’s now become an asset rather than a disposable.

    The key to using the various LED Jobsite products together is pre-determined lengths of cable with daisy-chains and triple-tap outlets. The electrical contractor can determine the best light for an application, and it can be daisy-chained into complex patterns throughout the jobsite.

    “We have found that the results of using our products together have provided incredible results with easier, more efficient installations, high labor and energy savings, more flexibility and better overall light coverage,” says Astl.

    LED Jobsite improvements do not stop with the suite integration. Lind updated many features on existing LED Jobsite products to create an improved experience by reducing the footprint, enhancing durability, and providing lower wattage to improve energy efficiency.

    The exciting, new product suite being introduced at NECA includes:

    • Beacon360 Blaze – The new Beacon360 Blaze is a powerful light with incredible versatility. It can replace traditional stringlights or high bay lights to provide 2500 sq. ft of light coverage up to 5 fc, using only 100W. With the recent design improvements, the Beacon360 provides even higher durability and efficiency, making the Beacon360 Blaze the next new standard in temporary lighting. 
    • Beacon360 Trek – This is the little brother to our best-selling patented Beacon360 Blaze. The Beacon360 Trek casts light in 360° and upwards, while being spaced at 25 ft apart to provide light coverage up to 5 fc. At 60W, it provides 7,000 lumens of bright, white light. The most amazing part about this light is its flexibility and portability – it can easily be moved around the site and attached to different accessories such as tripods, floor stands, magnets and clamps. Its increased durability and small size allows for the easy portability. Durable, rugged and easily transportable, the Beacon360 Trek is ideal for construction, maintenance events and shutdowns.
    • Beacon360 Spark – An exciting new product, the Beacon360 Spark makes stringlights a thing of the past. Now a main circuit can be run throughout the hallways/corridors, and individual lights can branch off into individual rooms or in other directions as required. The Beacon360 Spark can be easily unplugged and relocated individually as required throughout the job – a much more efficient strategy that results in less lights overall. The Beacon360 Spark uses a mere 20W and provides 2,400 lumens of bright, white light. Compared to using traditional stringlights, there is a much greater ease of installation and teardown. No more cutting and disposal of lights after a section is completed – just unplug and relocate the lighting, as needed.
    • LE-HB120 LED High Bay – One of the latest additions to the Beacon family is the LE-HB120 LED High Bay. This high bay is much smaller, more durable and even more energy efficient. It does not require an external driver – allowing it to be extremely light and compact. The LEDs provide 13,250 lumens to illuminate 2,500 sq. ft when mounted on a ceiling 20 ft high. It can run 15 lights daisy-chained on the same 15A circuit, while traditional metal halide lights only allow three. At only 2-in. thick, the super low profile is more durable, easier to store, easier to install, and provides greater headroom for floor traffic, increasing safety on the jobsite.

    With the option now to connect all these products through pre-determined lengths of daisy-chained cable and triple-tap outlets, installation times can be drastically reduced, and flexibility can be increased, with the ability to create complex lighting patterns throughout the jobsite.

     “We’re looking forward to meeting with NECA attendees to share how these new improvements can make a huge difference on a jobsite,” says Astl. “We’re proud to introduce these products at NECA, where electrical contractors can view our innovative LED lighting designed specifically for the construction market.”

    Stop by Booth 922 at NECA and learn more about Lind’s suite of LED lighting products.  Lind representatives can demonstrate how the LED Jobsite products are designed to work together to bring cost and energy savings, increased efficiency and a safer working environment.

    About Lind and The LED Jobsite

    For almost 70 years, Lind Equipment has manufactured portable lighting and electrical equipment for the toughest jobsites. Established as leaders in LED construction lighting, Lind Equipment uses groundbreaking engineering to keep prices affordable for the contractor while increasing quality in durability and functionality. For more information, contact 877-475-LIND,, or go to

     View our live counter of reduced energy usage and reduced carbon emissions or our video.

 Show Stoppers

  • Beacon120 LED Highbay
    Innovative daisy-chained temporary LED highbay, with proprietary technology making it the smallest and lightest around....

  • The new Lind Equipment Beacon120 LED highbay is a very small, thin, lightweight light that is built with integral LED technology that is incredibly durable, weatherproof, cool running and versatile. At a remarkably small 3" thick, the Beacon120 LED highbay doesn't intrude on the workplace at all, minimizing risk of contact with contractors. At a weight of only 3.5 lbs, the Beacon120 LED highbay is incredibly easy to transport and hang in a variety of ways. This low weight, coupled with durable construction, means that the Beacon120 LED highbay can survive even the toughest construction environments.

    The integral LED technology is highly efficient and provides the same amount of light on a jobsite as traditional metal halide highbay lights, but with 70% less energy usage. This means that a single 120V/20A circuit can run 16 Beacon120 LED Highbays, compared to only 4 metal halide highbays. And the Beacon120 LED highbay can be run up to 277V right out of the box without modification, increasing the total number on a 20A circuit to an astounding 37 lights.

    With a triple outlet 50' daisy-chain as standard issue, the Beacon120 can be strung together to power more lights beyond.

  • Beacon360 Spark
    A modular LED string-light, illuminating 300 sq ft and has a triple outlet for daisy-chaining....

  • The Beacon360 Spark is a modular LED stringlight replacement that makes the old traditional bulb-based stringlight obsolete. Each Beacon360 Spark is a self-contained, purpose-built single LED light with a 20’ total cord length that has a plug and triple outlet. Contractors now have a way to create exactly the amount of light that they need in any situation. Simply plug and play as many Beacon360 Sparks that you need together in any configuration. Going down a hallway? Daisy-chain Beacon360 Sparks together like a traditional stringlight, but you still have 2 outlets on every light to daisy-chain off into rooms.

    The 20’ total cord length matches the light output of the Beacon360 Spark to the 5fc OSHA standard for construction sites. There is no need to do any math while installing. Simply pull the cords to their full length and that indicates when you need to add another light.  

    It weighs only 1.3 lbs and can be hung in a variety of ways to meet whatever the application is. To minimize theft (a real concern with using retrofit LED bulbs on traditional stringlights), the light head connects to the cord by way of a non-NEMA quick connect, which is unusable in standard light fixtures.

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