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Hilti is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier providing premium tools, technology, software and services to the commercial construction industry. Hilti products are designed to help with common challenges found on the Electrical jobsite including dust, working at heights, and ergonomics. Our most recent innovations in human augmentation and robotics will help Electrical contractors working overhead achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity, while improving worker health and safety. Application-focused solutions are supported on the jobsite and in offices throughout North America by our highly trained account managers and engineers.


Hilti JAIBOT for construction automation of overhead drilling

 Press Releases

  • Construction Automation Solution to Help Contractors Tackle Productivity, Safety and Labor Shortage Challenges on Jobsites

    PLANO, Texas – October 28, 2020 – Hilti, an innovator of tools, technology, software and services to the commercial construction industry, today introduced its first robot, Jaibot, for semi-autonomous mobile ceiling-drilling. The Hilti Jaibot construction robot will help Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing installation contractors tackle productivity, safety and labor shortage challenges. With this new construction automation solution, Hilti makes a further step toward the digitization of construction sites.

    The Jaibot executes its tasks based on building information modeling (BIM) data. The robot is a completely cordless and easy-to-use system that doesn’t require expert skills. It locates itself accurately indoors, drills the holes dust-controlled and finally marks them according to the trade. This is what makes the solution ideally suited for the mechanical, electrical and plumbing trade (MEP).

    "The productivity of the construction industry has been lagging behind other sectors for years. Margin pressure and shortages of skilled labor are already facts of life in our industry and make it increasingly difficult to overcome productivity shortfalls. But leveraging the opportunities offered by digitization will compensate for it. We do this by intelligently linking processes, teams and data,” said Jan Doongaji, Member of the Executive Board, Hilti Group. “With Jaibot, and in close collaboration with our customers, we are further stepping toward realizing the efficiency that digital transformation can and will bring to construction sites.”

    Paradigm shift in the construction industry underway 

    Time and budget overruns are common, especially for large construction projects. Significant productivity gains are possible with digitally planned construction projects and their realization with the help of robotic solutions. BIM-enabled robotic solutions also make the construction process more transparent with improved execution speed, constant performance and fewer errors. Daily progress can be reported from the field to the project office via cloud computing. Potential conflicts between the trades involved on a jobsite also can be detected at an early stage and then limited, resulting in more projects delivered on-time and within budget.

    Helping workers with the most physically demanding tasks

    Safety played an important role in the development of the Jaibot. It is designed to assist tradespeople in physically demanding, repetitive installation tasks such as drilling numerous holes overhead for many mechanical, electrical or plumbing installations. It is navigated by the worker via remote control and uses reference data from a robotic total station, the Hilti PLT 300. Holes within reach are drilled automatically.

    "We looked at which routine work on the construction site is among the most stressful, and that is primarily overhead work," said Julia Zanona, Product Manager for Robotics at Hilti. "From the beginning, it was important to us to develop a robotic solution that supports our customers where it is most needed. The Hilti Jaibot takes over the most strenuous and exhausting tasks, working alongside the installation team.”

  • Human augmentation device to help tackle health, safety, and labor shortage challenges on the jobsite

    PLANO, Texas – July 23, 2020 – Hilti North America, an innovator of tools, technology, software and services to the commercial construction industry, today announced a new innovation that is more connected to its customers than any tool of its time, the EXO-O1 wearable exoskeleton.

    Hilti’s new human augmentation device will help commercial contractors, tradesman and management alike tackle health and safety as well as labor shortage challenges. Wearable systems like exoskeletons will help reduce strain and fatigue for both experienced and novice users, at a time when the industry is managing a workforce shortage challenge. To create the EXO-O1, Hilti Group partnered with Ottobock, the global leader in prosthetics, orthotics and exoskeletons that help people increase and retain their physical independence. Hilti is currently in real-world jobsite testing and will be bringing the exoskeleton to the market later this year.

    "We want to improve the health and safety of our customers, directly impacting jobsite productivity – so they can stay on time and on budget,” said Johannes Huber, Head of Business Unit Diamond Systems at Hilti Group, parent company of Hilti North America. “Customers that embrace innovation and invest in the latest health and safety technology will be better able to attract and retain the best people as well as keep their jobsites productive.”

    The EXO-O1 is Hilti’s first foray into exoskeletons for the construction industry. There will be more human augmentation developments to come from the brand. The exoskeleton development is initially focused on overhead and shoulder height and above applications because this type of motion is so physically intensive and fatiguing. The machinery is only part of the company’s solution. Hilti understands that for customers to embrace technology transformation, it requires organizational change management and a focus on people. That’s why they also plan to offer implementation, training and support services on site for Hilti’s customers and their teams.

    Hilti has long been delivering technology to augment workforces across dynamic jobsite conditions, including in the areas of ergonomics, workflow automation, and semi-automation such as the all-new PMD 2D Layout, total stations and Diamond Cut Assist solutions. And soon, Hilti will have additional news to share regarding continued advancements in jobsite automation innovations, including but not limited to new robotics technology.

    In recent years, Hilti has actively worked with start-ups and other external partners to couple its understanding of customer pain points with new technologies and innovative solutions, including robotics, from the outside to create solutions for commercial construction challenges.

    “Our innovations have always been fueled by our deep understanding of our customers' challenges and needs, so it’s only natural that we can drive innovation with solutions for human augmentation and jobsite automation,” said Rafael Garcia, Senior VP and CMO of Hilti North America. “Human augmentation and jobsite automation innovations, alone or combined, will create productivity gains the likes of which haven’t been seen since cordless tools got a foothold in commercial construction.”

  • Solution delivers asset management, smart inventory checks, custom asset cost reports, and instant access to records for compliance

    PLANO, Texas – March 23, 2021 – Hilti North America, an innovator of tools, technology, software and services to the commercial construction industry, has enhanced its tool and asset tracking solution ON!Track, making it easier for construction professionals to manage their businesses, assets, and jobsites. As an Internet of Things (IoT) platform, ON!Track Generation 3.0 is now a software solution that provides instant clarity and efficiency to the business, while helping reduce operational and overhead costs.

    “Through the changes in technology and listening to the feedback from our customers, we have improved ON!Track in every area,” said Thibaud Lefebvre, Director of Marketing Tool Services of Hilti North America. “Our customers will experience an integrated cloud-based solution that provides a new level of control and access to information. We’re putting more data-driven insights in their hands so they can make better, safer decisions.”  

    Transparency to Tool Cribs

    With Hilti’s “smart” sensor tags and proactive tracking gateways, construction professionals have access to continuous and reliable tracking of all tagged assets in warehouses and containers. The enhanced sensor tags will deliver transparency on how, when, and, where assets are used, while the new proactive tracking gateways enable remote inventory checks and automated reporting. The system was also improved to better track and manage tool accessories, which considerably simplifies the management of stocks and supplies.


    A Simple Way to Charge Assets Daily

    Hilti has also upgraded ON!Track 3.0 to help strengthen the control of costs and expenses.  Customers can manage jobsite asset costs with cost reporting they customize by specific asset, job, and time. By setting up a daily cost per asset, construction companies can run a costing report for any date range and find out what the cost of their assets are at any location.


    Stay Compliant on the Jobsite

    Additionally, the connected system was advanced to support one the most critical functions of construction businesses. Workers can easily access service, maintenance, and certification records and set alerts on their mobile device to help them stay compliant. “There’s no question that construction is a uniquely document-intensive industry,” said Lefebvre. “Our customers want instant access to documentation. Now they can pull that up from their phone and show whoever might need to see it that they are compliant.”

    The software is only part of the tool and asset tracking solution. Hilti also offers implementation, training and support to customers in their process of digitizing the management of their equipment. In the last five years, Hilti North America has project-managed more than 2,000 ON!Track implementations. 

    ON!Track Generation 3.0 is available now throughout the U.S. and Canada. For more information, contact Hilti Customer Service. From the U.S., call Hilti, Inc., at 1-866-879-4578; from Canada, call Hilti (Canada) Corporation at 1-866-879-4578.

  • Hilti Academy focuses on enabling contractors with an efficient, flexible and interactive learning experience

    PLANO, Texas –  May 4, 2021  Hilti North America, a global leader providing innovative tools, technology, software and services to the commercial construction industry has launched Hilti Academy, a comprehensive on-demand training platform for contractors. The announcement today affirms Hilti’s investment in the digital transformation of the construction industry and strengthens its leadership as a provider of productivity solutions.

    Hilti Academy is a digital learning platform that offers contractors access to on-demand when it is most convenient. The 30 to 60-minute courses cover various topics including, powder actuated and gas actuated operator training, health and safety trainings, and Adhesive Anchor Installer certification pre-training with more topics such as firestop coming soon.

    Anyone can access the Academy by using a current Hilti account or creating a new one.  Most modules  are  completed fully online with an accompanying quiz. The platform automatically saves records for up to two  years to download and print for records. Hilti Academy not only allows users to manage all Hilti education and records, it also allows the ability to manage team members' education by assigning learning modules and being able to monitor who has received their documentation.

    “As technology transforms the construction industry, our digital services portfolio will continue to expand and adapt to meet rapidly changing customer needs, especially during this unprecedented time,” said Rafael Garcia, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Hilti North America. “Hilti experts have been facilitating digital trainings for some time now through ASK HILTI. Hilti Academy is an expansion and a service that’s dedicated to contractors. Providing online training and digital access to our experts proves that Hilti will continue to offer our customers essential resources to improve the way they do business.”  

    In recent years, Hilti has made major investments to digitize the construction industry and simply workflow for its customers with its innovations including easier tracking assets (ON!Track); traceable fastenings (TraceFast), and the acquisition of assets of concrete technology startup Concrete Sensors

 Show Stoppers

  • Jaibot Drilling Robot
    Powered by digital-data, Jaibot is a semi-autonomous robot that drills and marks anchor holes overhead....

  • The Hilti Jaibot is a semi-automated construction robot that increases safety, speed, and efficiency to overhead drilling projects. The Jaibot is designed for mechanical, electrical and plumbing installation work and execution, increasing accuracy while reducing potential safety risks associated with overhead installation.

    Autonomously drilling and marking holes according to digital plans, the Jaibot helps relieve you from the demanding and time-consuming task of overhead drilling so you can focus on the simpler operation of the construction robot. The location, hole depth and diameter are defined by the drilling plan, resulting in cleaner holes and fewer than ever errors.

  • EXO-O1 Overhead Exoskeleton
    Exoskeleton helps relieve strain on shoulders and arms during overhead work, increasing safety and productivity....

  • Hilti’s EXO-O1 Exoskeleton is a pioneering solution to improve jobsite efficiency and help alleviate upper-body fatigue and pain resulting from repetitive overhead tasks.

    The EXO-O1 leverages passive exoskeleton technology (mechanical expanders) that is intuitive, easy-to-adjust, well-balanced, lightweight, and offers a virtually unimpeded range of motion.

    Bringing greater safety and comfort to demanding applications like overhead conduit and lighting installation, cable fastening and wire pulling, the EXO-O1 prioritizes safety and productivity.

    There has never been greater focus to improve health, safety, and efficiency on the jobsite. Let EXO-O1 Exoskeleton help you redefine the way you safely and effectively tackle overhead work.

  • CutAssist Auto-feed Unit for Diamond Core Drilling
    CutAssist technology delivers unmatched productivity and greater operator safety with semi-autonomous core drilling....

  • Level up your coring with Hilti’s CutAssist technology using the DD AF-CA H and DD AF-CA L auto feed units on your next project.

    Designed to improve your jobsite productivity, the DD AF-CA H and DD AF-CA L bring Hilti CutAssist technology to our most popular core rigs, the DD 250-CA and the DD 150-U diamond core drills.

    When paired with the corresponding diamond core drill, the DD AF-CA units give the operator a semi-autonomous experience to diamond drilling by intuitively guiding the drill through the entire process.

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