Electrical Contractor Magazine continually surveys it's 86,000+ subscribers. Here are some of their recent findings:

Subscribers were asked about their expectations and plans for the second half of 2021 in contrast to the first half. Key findings include:

  • 60% are substantially or somewhat optimistic about business growth in the second half of 2021.
  • 11% indicated some decline in business. Only 1% indicated substantial decline.
  • 21% indicated no change in business from the first half of 2021.

What types of construction projects do you expect during the second half of 2021?

  • 59% Commercial Construction
  • 43% Residential Construction
  • 29% Industrial / Utility
  • 18% Institutional Construction

81% of survey respondents said they have been able to find new customers, prospects, and projects over the past 14 months through one or more of the following channels:

  • Service work (repair, maintenance, and upgrades)
  • Good relationships with general contractors
  • Networking with existing customers, local businesses, manufacturer reps, and distributors
  • Invitations to bid a project
  • Proposing regular maintenance contracts for existing customers
  • Marketing efforts
  • Word of mouth referrals

Given current global material supply challenges, how willing are you to use an alternative material, provided it meets all applicable standards?

  • 35% Extremely or very willing
  • 47% Somewhat willing
  • 12% Not very or not at all willing
  • 3% Not sure

Observationally, survey respondents are planning three major steps to improving revenue:

  1. Improving project and asset management
  2. Workforce development and training
  3. Expanding in new segments or technologies

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